How to adjust the shock absorber of an electric car?

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How to adjust the shock absorber of an electric car?

It depends on the structure of your shock absorberelectric shock absorber Manufacturers. Some are adjustable hydraulic type, and some are spring type. You can't figure it out by

yourself. Find a repairer to fix it.


1. Absorber is used to restrain the shock of the spring and the impact from the road surface when it rebounds after absorbing the shock. It is

widely used in automobiles to accelerate the attenuation of the vibration of the frame and the body to improve the driving comfort of the


When passing through uneven roads, although the shock-absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road, the spring itself will reciprocate,

and the shock absorber is used to suppress the jump of this spring. If the shock absorber is too soft, the body will jump up and down. If the

shock absorber is too hard, it will bring too much resistance and prevent the spring from working properly. In the process of refitting the

suspension system, the hard shock absorber should be matched with the hard spring, and the hardness of the spring is closely related to the

weight of the car. Therefore, heavier cars generally use harder shock absorbers. The device connected with the vibration-inducing crankshaft is

used to counteract the torsional vibration of the crankshaft (that is, the phenomenon that the crankshaft is twisted by the impact force of the

ignition of the cylinder).

2. Working principle

In the suspension system, the elastic element is shocked to produce vibration. In order to improve the smoothness of the car, a shock absorber

is installed in parallel with the elastic element in the suspension to attenuate the vibration. The shock absorber used in the automobile

suspension system is mostly hydraulic The working principle of the shock absorber is that when relative movement occurs between the frame (or

body) and the axle, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down, and the oil in the shock absorber cavity repeatedly passes through

different chambers. The pore flows into another cavity. At this time, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction

between the oil molecules form a damping force on the vibration, so that the vehicle vibration energy is converted into oil heat, which is then

absorbed by the shock absorber and emitted into the atmosphere. When the oil channel section and other factors remain unchanged, the damping

force increases or decreases with the relative movement speed between the frame and the axle (or wheel), and is related to the oil viscosity.

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