How to install the rear shock absorber of electric vehicle?

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How to install the rear shock absorber of electric vehicle?

Adjust back and forth.

First, adjust the distance between the seat and the pedals. If the distance between the electric car seat and the pedal is large, the driver will be more comfortable to stretch his legs, but the accuracy and strength of pedaling with the foot will be relatively poor.

On the contrary, the legs and feet are prone to fatigue. Adjustment method: First, push the seat back so that the left leg can step on the clutch pedal naturally and easily; second, when the foot is pressed down to the deepest part of the brake pedal, the legs must still be bent. The front and back position of the chair is more appropriate. The third is that the back is close to the seat, and when the arms are stretched out on the steering wheel, the wrists just fall on the steering wheel.

Grab the front brake and press it down to see how much the shock absorber can press down, and at the same time whether it feels soft, and whether it returns quickly or not. If you feel stuck in the back position, it means that the shock absorption effect is poor, and it will be more shocked on uneven roads.

The front shock absorber is divided into the rocker arm type front shock absorber and the straight cylinder type front shock absorber. The rocker arm type shock absorber is only a spring without damping oil, so after riding for a long time, it is easy to make a noise, and there is a gap between the rocker arms. It will be relatively large, and it will feel shaky when riding. At the same time, the oil seal will leak oil for a long time. Compared with the rocker-type shock absorber, the straight-type front shock absorber Electric car Rear Suspension Shock Absorbershas higher comfort when the passability is better, and the shock absorber effect is much better. When you buy an electric bicycle, it is recommended to choose hydraulic straight shock absorber,

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