Principle of spring shock absorber production

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Principle of spring shock absorber production

Everyone knows that spring dampers are springs made of round-section steel wires, and the ratio of the average spring diameter to the steel wire diameter is equivalent. The spring index (also known as the winding ratio) is a spring made of rectangular cross-section wire. The spring index refers to the average diameter of the spring, which is equivalent to the ratio of the material width on the side perpendicular to the spring axis.Universal Rear Shock Absorber Suspension factor

In the actual application of spring shock absorbers, the internal spring force index of low-frequency damping shock absorbers is often selected between 4N. The smaller the wire diameter, the higher the elastic force value, but it is best to choose between 7 and 13. The smaller the spring elasticity index value in the spring damper, the greater the deformation of the metal wire and the more accurate the winding. During use, the inner side of the spring material is prone to excessive stress, which affects the fatigue strength of the material; but , If the spring force index value in the spring damper is too small, the spring will tend to be unstable. my country's national standard GB1239-62 stipulates that the spring index value of ordinary cylindrical spiral springs is between 4 and 16.
For example, the spring in a spring shock absorber is composed of two wires of the same diameter, which are wound into a spring with the same number of turns and height, and the spring force can be judged from the spring index value. The smaller the index value of the spring force in the spring damper, the greater the tension of the spring damper, and the harder the spring. Conversely, the larger the spring index, the smaller the tension of the spring damper and the softer the spring.

Only matching springs can play the best role of the spring damper. This is why there is so much information and so many details to understand when choosing a spring.

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