What are the practical applications of shock absorbers?

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What are the practical applications of shock absorbers?

Racing field
The difference between racing tires and rims is that racing shock absorbers can be used on general roads. The only drawback is that the price is quite expensive. A racing shock absorber often exceeds 10,000 yuan, which may be only a few hundred yuan. "Original shock absorbers

"The shock absorbers are really sky-high compared to it. It is understood that the Mugen shock absorbers used by a set of HONDA EG6 Gr.A cost about NT$80,000, and the NISMO sports shock absorbers used by March are also about this price. The shock absorbers used are usually adjustable, and even the damping of compression and rebound strokes can be adjusted separately to obtain the best damping effect through adjustment. This function plays an important role in the trial and error process of suspension setting The role of adjustment. Start with the softest mode during the adjustment, calculate the number of times it swings up and down (usually more than one time), and slowly increase the hardness until it swings up and down once to restore calm, and you must confirm the setting according to the venue before each game Correct or not. Racing shock absorbers are usually replaced by metal spherical bearings with rubber end bushing (End Bushing), which can obtain better damping effect when passing small vibration roads and provide clearer road response , But increased vibration and noise from the suspension. Racing shock absorbers usually have close to 1:1 compression and tensile damping force. In addition, the movement stroke of racing shock absorbers is relatively short, the average car may have 10 inches, The high-performance version may be 7 inches, and the car may only be 4 to 5 inches. Therefore, single-change high-performance shock absorbers without changing strokes and short springs may not obtain the desired results.mono shock absorbers manufacturers

In most commercially available cars, manufacturers use the softest and cheapest shock absorbers to reduce costs and obtain the softest and most comfortable driving performance under normal driving conditions. But if you want to deal with violent driving, these shock absorbers are not competent. The so-called shock absorber modification is actually to replace the shock absorber with harder damping, better quality and full cooperation with the spring. Choosing a suitable shock absorber is the most important. It should be based on comfort and handling. It is particularly difficult to achieve a compromise between. If it is used in a racing car, everything depends on the control without having to consider comfort, but it must be compromised when it is used on general roads. At this time, a set of dampers with adjustable damping can improve practicality, especially on roads. In changeable Taiwan, adjustable shock absorbers seem to be seriously considered investments.



As mentioned earlier, the compression resistance of the shock absorber and the hardness of the spring have an additive effect. One group of springs has only one performance. To change the hardness of the spring, only another group of springs with different spring coefficients can be replaced. The shock absorber can make up for this shortcoming. Adjusting the damping higher with the road conditions is equivalent to hardening the spring. After all, hardening the shock absorber is much easier than changing a group of springs. There are even so-called electronically adjustable shock absorbers. As long as the knob in the car is operated, the damping can be easily changed to achieve the effect of fine-tuning the suspension settings.

When refitting, you must first select a good quality brand, and then select the appropriate specifications from the brand's series of products. A good shock absorber must have high-precision studs and a well-sealed oil seal, high-quality damping oil (high-quality damping oil is the cure for damping recession and bubble phenomenon), plus high-pressure gas filling The design of the air chamber is of course preferably adjustable. At present, Bilstein, KONI and Japanese GAB, which are common domestic brands in China, are mainstream products with good reputation. The new trend is for exclusive retrofit kit brands such as TOYOTA’s TRD, TOM’s, HONDA’s Mugen, and NISSAN. NISMO is a very good product.

After choosing a brand, you have to face the problem of compatibility. The most difficult issue in the suspension modification process is the combination of shock absorbers and springs. If your car reduces the body by more than 2 inches or the spring hardness increases by more than 20%, You have to replace the shock absorbers together. Hard shock absorbers and hard springs must be matched with each other, because the hardness of the spring is determined by the weight of the car, and heavier cars require harder shock absorbers. Therefore, the shock absorber on a racing car or a high-performance car is harder than a normal car, and is used to match a harder spring. If the shock absorber is too soft, it will cause the body to swing up and down, if it is too hard, it will cause too much damping, so that the spring will not work properly, and the vehicle height will change due to the damping effect of the shock absorber. Since shock absorber manufacturers usually do not provide too detailed technical information about their products, when you want to set the suspension settings for a car, you only have to keep making mistakes.

But don't worry, the problem of collocation can be left to the modification shop that serves you to worry about. The best suspension combination for the owner's needs is the basic responsibility of a professional modification shop and the basic rights of customers. According to experience, the road version of the suspension system that is most suitable for Taiwan's changing road conditions is based on a softer spring (of course, progressive), with a harder adjustable shock absorber to compensate for the hardness of the shock absorber. The lack of strength, coupled with freely adjustable damping, provides a high degree of road adaptability.

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