Car modified shock absorbers, do you want comfort or control?

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Car modified shock absorbers, do you want comfort or control?

Car modification is a kind of culture, but this kind of culture is like Harley's culture, it is a special and elegant, not suitable for everyone's culture. In summary, the purpose of this culture is to go to places where others can't go, see scenery that others can't see, and experience the fun and hardship unknown to others in the off-road process. Do you want comfort or control?

However, the prerequisite for this perfect life is that your off-road vehicle must have a set of suitable shock absorbersChina Rear Suspension air bag Series factory. This is why chassis modification can become the core of the modification process. People are eager to get the best comfort effect, improve the handling of off-road vehicles, increase ground clearance, and get the best off-road experience. Why can't we have both controllability and comfort?


Nowadays, many cross-country friends will come to us directly and ask which kind of shock absorber is good, and a few inches higher is suitable. For Yunliang, who has 16 years of modification experience, we will not give you an accurate answer to this question, because before answering this question, we have to ask you back.

1. What kind of function is your car positioning? Off-road or tall in the city. After the positioning is accurate, decide your modification direction.

2. Don't rush to modify the car after you bring it back, it must take a while. Ask yourself, where exactly you need to change this car and where you don’t need to change it.

3. If you are targeting off-road, do you want to participate in extreme competitions, or you want to enjoy the scenery of the motherland and cross the line of fire.

After you figure it out, go to the store, I believe you don’t need to ask the salesperson too much, you can tell in one bite, I want to raise a few inches, what brand of shock absorber I want to install.

Well, after understanding the above content, we began to talk about this Bage shock absorber, which is always at the forefront of development and innovation today. This can be said to be the most suitable for daily driving, moderate to light off-road shock absorber, comfortable and controllable. Ba Ge has a very rich product line of shock absorbers, which can be said to cover all the models we are familiar with. Bage shock absorber has the strongest cost performance and vitality. It has entered the domestic history of more than 20 years and has been spread all over the country. However, there are still many people in China who don't understand it, especially the relationship between it and the classic off-road brand ARB. Many people are ambiguous. If this will happen, let's talk about it carefully. Brother Ba is the abbreviation of agshocks. Agshocks is the name of the suspension product line of ARB's shock absorbers, springs, steel plates, etc. The full name is agshocks/ Brother Ba, we often referred to as Brother Ba.

As the domestic classic off-road 4X4 brand agshocks, the shock absorber of Ba Ge is very suitable for most off-road vehicles. Every time they develop a Ba Ge shock absorber, they will carry out endless testing in the vast off-road land. Only after debugging In the end, it was determined that its effort was huge. The biggest advantage of Ba Ge is that it has good resilience even on bumpy roads and excellent comfort.

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