Damping spring shock absorber and tension spring damping spring shock absorber which is better?

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Damping spring shock absorber and tension spring damping spring shock absorber which is better?

Damping spring shock absorbers are mostly used in automobile engines, fans, bridges, water pumps, chillers, railway sleeper locomotives, construction projects, etc. They are beneficial for vibration reduction and noise reduction, and are commonly used and ideal vibration isolation materials. Tension spring damping spring shock absorber should be used in nuclear power, thermal power, chemical industry, steel plants and pipelines, electromechanical equipment, as well as compressors, electric fans, compressors, air cabinets, compressors, generators, cooling towers, air conditioning units, air conditioning units And other equipment, with seismic isolation and anti-vibration functions.

The advantages and disadvantages of damping spring shock absorber and tension spring damping spring shock absorber; damping spring shock absorber has viscoelastic function, large damping ratio and convenient production, so it has outstanding shock absorption and sound insulation And buffer function; the applicable frequency scale is usually 5-15Hz. The damped spring shock absorber can not only isolate the axial oscillation. And can isolate lateral oscillation and rotational oscillation. The stiffness of the same damping spring shock absorber in the Cartesian coordinate system of three directions and rotation directions can be widely selected. The internal damping ratio of rubber is much higher than that of metal, and it has outstanding high-frequency vibration isolation and sound insulation functions.

The damping ratio is 0.05-0.23. Because rubber is easy to mold and can be firmly bonded to metal, it is possible to plan and manufacture various shapes of damping spring shock absorbers. The oscillator is light in weight, small in size, wide in use, and easy to install and replace. The factors that determine the dynamic and static stiffness of the damping spring shock absorber include the rubber formula, the hardness of the rubber and the shape of the damping spring shock absorber. Damping spring shock absorbers can be divided into three types: compaction, shearing and compounding.

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