What impact does the damage of the vehicle shock absorber have on the use of the car?

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What impact does the damage of the vehicle shock absorber have on the use of the car?

If the shock absorber of the vehicle is damaged, it will have a greater impact on the vehicle. For example, it will increase the braking distance of the vehicle, especially on bumpy roads. If the shock absorber of the vehicle does not work properly, it will increase the braking distance by about 30%.

In addition, due to the reduction of the damping function, the response speed of the vehicle will decrease, and the stability of the vehicle will deteriorate. In addition, it will increase the wear of vehicle tires. Due to the deterioration of vehicle stability, the load of the vehicle will be abnormal, which will reduce the grip performance of the tire and increase the wear of the tire. Also, it affects the comfort of the driver and passengers, especially on bumpy roads or when turning or accelerating.

At the same time, the poor shock absorber also has a great impact on turning, especially when turning sharply, it may cause the vehicle to deflect and skid. In a curve with a large turning radius, the direction is not sensitive, and the car will sway left and right when turning.

The impact of automobile shock absorbers on vehicles is relatively large. If the shock absorber does not work well, coupled with operating reasons, then a traffic accident is likely to occur. Therefore, maintenance and inspection of shock absorbers are very important. Experienced drivers can judge the shock absorber of the vehicle through the abnormal sound of the vehicle and the stability of the vehicle. However, most drivers may not have much experience in shock absorber inspection and maintenance, and may not know even if a malfunction occurs. If you have no experience, you can only rely on professional shops or 4S shops for inspection.

It is very important to find the problem, and so is the daily maintenance and maintenance. If the vehicle's shock absorber is coated or crystallized in a place with severe sand and dust, it will not cause corrosion even if the shock absorber is scratched. After coating or crystal plating treatment, it can ensure that the original car paint is not damaged, and naturally can also ensure the normal operation of the vehicle shock absorber.

Maybe in cars, we have not seen the use of shock absorbers with naked eyes. In fact, there are still many car parts that we have not seen! The shock absorber may seem inconspicuous, but it plays a pivotal role. It is one of the components that ensure the stability, safety and handling of the vehicle, so it is necessary to ensure a good working condition.

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