Design and application of shock absorber

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Design and application of shock absorber

The shock absorber is an elastic element that connects the equipment and the foundation to eliminate and reduce the vibration force transmitted from the equipment to the foundation, and the vibration transmitted from the foundation to the equipment. Elastic support that isolates the system from the steady-state foundation. When the excitation frequency is lower than the natural frequency of the mass (equipment) spring system, the shock absorber does not have the effect of vibration isolation; when the excitation frequency is close to the natural frequency, the vibration will be amplified; only when the excitation frequency is greater than the 2nd root of the natural frequency When the shock absorber has a damping effect. It is usually required that the excitation frequency is greater than 2 to 3 times the natural frequency in order to obtain a good vibration isolation effect.

The specific forms of shock absorbers are: spring shock absorbers, rubber shock absorbers, air springs, rubber shock absorbers, metal rubber shock absorbers and various composite shock absorbers.

When the shock absorber is used, it must be equipped with a suitable equipment bracket.

The choice of model and quantity must not only ensure that it can withstand the dynamic load of the equipment, but also maintain a small vibration transmission coefficient (ratio of transmission force to interference force).electric vehicle motorcycle Rear Suspension

When designing and applying shock absorbers, the following factors must be considered:

1. It can provide the required amount of vibration reduction;

2. It can bear the specified load;

3. Can withstand changes in temperature and other environmental conditions (temperature, corrosive fluid, etc.);

4. It has the characteristics of vibration reduction;

5. Meet the requirements of the weight and volume of the shock absorber for the equipment using the shock absorber.

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