How to judge whether the shock absorber needs to be replaced?

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How to judge whether the shock absorber needs to be replaced?

    Shock absorbers are easily damaged parts during car use. The working quality of the shock absorber will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, we should keep the shock absorber in good working condition. The following methods can be used to check whether the shock absorber works well. \r\n1. Make the car stop after driving 10 kilometers on a road with poor road conditions, and touch the shock absorber shell with your hands. If it is not hot enough, it means that there is no resistance inside the shock absorberCustomized Motorcycle Red Special Car Rear Shock Absorber and the shock absorber does not work. At this time, you can add appropriate lubricating oil, and then carry out the test. If the shell heats up, the shock absorber is short of oil, and enough oil should be added; otherwise, the shock absorber has failed. \r\n2. Press the bumper firmly and then release it. If the car jumps 2-3 times, the shock absorber is working well. \r\n3. When the car is driving slowly and braking urgently, if the car shakes violently, it means there is a problem with the shock absorber. \r\n4. Remove the shock absorber and stand it upright, and clamp the lower end connecting ring to the vise, and then forcefully pull the shock absorber rod several times.



    At this time, there should be stable resistance. Pulling upwards? The resistance to recovery should be greater than when pressing downwards. If the resistance is unstable or no resistance, it may be due to lack of oil inside the shock absorber or damage to the valve parts. Repair or replacement parts should be carried out. \r\nAfter determining that the shock absorber is defective or invalid, you should first check whether the shock absorber is leaking or has traces of old oil leakage. \r\nIf oil leakage is found, first tighten the cylinder head nut. If the shock absorber still leaks, the oil seal and sealing gasket may be damaged and invalid, and new seals should be replaced. If the oil leakage still cannot be eliminated, pull out the shock absorber rod.

     If you feel a hairpin or change in weight, check whether the gap between the piston and the cylinder barrel is too large, whether the shock absorber piston connecting rod is bent, and the piston connecting rod Whether there are scratches or pull marks on the surface and cylinder. \r\nIf the shock absorber has no oil leakage, check the shock absorber connecting pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushing, etc. for damage, desoldering, cracking or falling off. If the above inspection is normal, the shock absorber should be further disassembled to check whether the matching clearance between the piston and the cylinder is too large, whether the cylinder is strained, whether the valve seal is good, whether the valve clack and the valve seat are tightly fitted, and whether Whether the extension spring of the shock is too soft or broken, it should be repaired by grinding or replacing parts according to the situation. \r\nIn addition, the shock absorber will have noise failure in actual use. This is mainly due to the shock absorber colliding with the leaf spring, the frame or the axle, the rubber pad is damaged or falling off, and the shock absorber dust tube Deformation, lack of oil and other reasons should be found out and repaired.

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