How does a motorcycle shock absorber work on the suspension

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How does a motorcycle shock absorber work on the suspension

The main goal of a motorcycle suspension is to keep the vehicle mono shock absorber motorcycle tires in contact with the ground. Without proper suspension, tires will lose traction in bumps, tilts, or other ground defects. We also must not forget braking, acceleration or turning force.Motorcycle suspensions use a combination of springs and dampers to isolate the chassis and rider from road defects. The role of the road motorcycle suspension system is to minimize the impact of potholes, bumps, corners and acceleration/deceleration forces.

The off-road motorcycle suspension system can handle roots, rocks, jumps, ledges.Without the suspension, any collision between the vehicle’s tires and ground defects would be uncomfortable at best, and at worst would result in a dangerous collision.The basic motorcycle suspension lacks adjustability. It works well in all situations, and a better suspension can be adjusted according to the rider's weight and expected riding type. The demand for cruisers or dual sports motorcycles is quite different from the demand for dedicated sports bikes.

The spring allows the motorcycle wheel to move independently of the chassis, and the damper controls and manages the movement of the spring. Motorcycles that only rely on springs will bounce continuously and dangerously after every road collision.A spring is a coiled steel wire that compresses or stretches when subjected to an external force. Spring stiffness is a measure of the force required to compress it to a certain distance, usually in pounds per inch. The spring stiffness varies with the thickness of the material and the number of coils.

Heavier springs will have relatively thicker coils, spaced farther apart from each other. In the most basic sense, the damper slows down and controls the action of the spring. The damper uses hydraulic fluid to control the action of the spring. The hydraulic fluid passes through a series of passages and restrictions.Pistons with precise measuring channels orifices move in the shock absorber body in the hydraulic oil bath. The weight of the fluid and the size of the channel determine the speed of the piston. When the motorcycle encounters bumps, the damper slows down the compression and rebound speed of the spring because the fluid slowly passes through the passage in the shock absorber body.

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