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Knowledge related to hydraulic shock absorption

Knowledge related to hydraulic shock absorption Hydraulic shock absorption is an automobile device that absorbs the vibration caused by the wheels encountering uneven road surfaces. It is mainly composed of a damper that consumes the vibration capacity and can dampen the vibration to a certain extent. It is mainly composed of these two parts.

The device mainly used to connect the frame and the axle in the automobile is the automobile suspension system. The comfort of the seat in the car is mainly determined by the impact of the road surface on the frame. The main purpose is to hope that the driver can be more comfortable. These can be done using shock absorbers and some elastic elements and guide mechanisms. The equipment used will effectively absorb the vibration of the vehicle.adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers suspension factory




The main function of the shock absorber is to convert the vibration energy of the vehicle into other forms of energy, which will be effective, because the vibration of the vehicle caused by the sudden event is reduced to a certain level of Shock Absorber Suspension Suppliers, so the performance of the shock absorber can directly affect Performance of vehicle suspension systems. A large part of the shock absorber is basically the energy that vibrates through the viscous fluid through small holes or compressed fluid to the heat.

The hydraulic shock absorber is a human vibration piston squeezing hydraulic oil, it will only generate a lot of heat in the small hole on the pressure of the high pressure safety valve, when the vehicle vibrates, the air damper piston can compress the air, and then the air Vibration energy is discharged into the atmosphere, it can absorb vibration modes, mainly the hysteresis of the material and dry friction, fluid friction and compressed air, etc.

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