What are the characteristics of car shock absorbers?

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What are the characteristics of car shock absorbers?

At present, hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in automobiles. When the frame and the axle make reciprocal relative motion, the oil in the shock absorber repeatedly passes through the valve hole on the piston. Due to the throttle effect of the valve hole and the oil molecules The internal friction between them forms a damping force that attenuates the vibration, turning the energy of the vibration into thermal energy, which is absorbed by the oil and the shock absorber shell, and then dispersed into the atmosphere.

The larger the valve, the smaller the damping force; vice versa. The greater the relative motion speed, the greater the damping force; and vice versa.

The greater the damping force, the faster China electric front scooter shock absorbers manufacturerthe vibration attenuation, but the cushioning effect of the suspension elastic element cannot be exerted, and the ride is not comfortable. Therefore, the rigidity of the elastic element of the version and the damping force of the shock absorber must be properly matched to ensure a comfortable ride Sex and manipulation stability.

At present, the most widely used automobile right is the two-way cylinder shock absorber. In recent years, some inflatable cars have adopted inflatable shock absorbers.

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