The incident of illegal modification of mass shock absorbers and the reasons

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The incident of illegal modification of mass shock absorbers and the reasons

After the German race in 2006, the latest news from the famous British racing media "Motorsport" reported that the Renault team was still trying to persuade the FIA ​​to allow them to use the "illegal" quality shock absorption in the next stop-the Hungarian Grand Prix. Device.mono shock absorbers manufacturers

The thing is like this, after the French station Sina Sports News   After the German station, from England

According to the latest news report from the famous national racing media "Motorsports", the Renault team is still trying to persuade the FIA ​​to allow them to use mass shock absorbers that were judged "illegal" in the next stop-the Hungarian Grand Prix.

This is the case. After the French Grand Prix, the FIA ​​judged it as an illegal device on the grounds that the mass shock absorber helped improve the aerodynamics of the car and prepared to ban it in future races. Renault is recognized as the first team to introduce this technology, although they have never officially confirmed that they are using this system.

However, Renault believes that the FIA’s procedure for declaring this system illegal is incorrect, so they did not dismantle this system this week and submitted a spare car equipped with mass shock absorbers to the German Grand Prix. Tournament officer checks. Although the inspector initially stated that the car was illegal because it was equipped with mass shock absorbers, the race officials later rejected the decision.

But everyone knows that the race officer and the FIA ​​are not an organization. Charlie Whiting has made it clear on July 20, 2006 that the mass shock absorber is an illegal device and any team will be prohibited from continuing to use it. So shortly after the race officer gave the green light to the mass shock absorber, the FIA ​​quickly gave the opposite position. And write a letter to inform all teams that they will appeal the decision of the race officer. This means that if the FIA’s appeal is successful, any team that uses mass shock absorbers in this race may be cancelled. In order not to take this risk, Renault finally decided to abandon the use of the German station in 2006 and stated that it would no longer use this system until the end of the FIA's appeal hearing.
But now the problem has arisen: because Hungary and Germany are back-to-back races, the appeal hearing will not be held until Turkey, which means that regardless of the final appeal result, Renault will not be able to use this system in the next race. , Renault said that this is unfair to them, so I hope the FIA ​​can open its doors.

Renault Engineering Director Pat Symonds (Pat Symonds) said they will ask the FIA ​​to clarify the matter. "We have a little request. Considering that the appeal cannot be held before the next race, can they handle it slightly!"

Although mass shock absorbers have become the focus of attention, Pat Symonds said that the loss of mass shock absorbers was not the only reason for their sharp decline this weekend. Because during the race, Renault's rear tire suffered a serious blistering problem.

"I'm not sure if this is part of the problem, I would rather say that the problem is not just these, I think we know where the problem is?" Pat Symonds said in the usual tone of a technical expert.

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