The superiority of mass shock absorber theory

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The superiority of mass shock absorber theory

After the Renault R26 uses mass shock absorbers at the front and rear, more body lift can be converted into suspension bouncing, allowing the rider to better control the tilt of the body. Generally speaking, when the body lift increases, the tire load increases, but mass shock absorption is usedShock qili Absorbers Suspension Manufacturers



After the driver, it can effectively reduce the upper body width of the car body, thereby preventing the wheels from facing overload conditions. At this time, the driver can maintain the ideal route to continue forward. In other words, the mass shock absorber allows engineers to make the conventional suspension shock absorber harder, better control the body's movement, and minimize the body's roll. And if there is no mass shock absorber, simply adjusting the hard shock absorber will cause the car to jump under braking, increase the workload of the tires, and bring more wear. In addition, the mass shock absorber also allows the tire to better reach the working temperature. The law of F1 car tuning is: the stiffness of the suspension and the tires are mutually restricted. If the suspension is too rigid, the load on the tires will increase. Although the hard suspension can make the tires heat up faster, it cannot cope with extreme load conditions (including overload and low load). Therefore, such a setting is actually neglecting the other.

But if you use mass shock absorbers, even if the tires experience "low tide" (that is, the above-mentioned ultra-low load), the driver can still quickly restore the working temperature (as for the other extreme case, I believe there is no need to complain).

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