Three types of train refurbishment seismic protection method

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Three types of train refurbishment seismic protection method

In the modification circle, there has always been a saying that "a low cover, a hundred ugliness, and a hundred changes first." As a famous saying, which can change the face value and improve the control, how to modify the shock? What are the ways to avoid shock?
At present, there are three ways to modify the car's shock absorbers: 1. Short springs; 2. Twisted teeth shock absorbers 3. Pneumatic shock absorbers, and these three shock absorber modifications due to price reasons, the order of consideration when you modify is short springs> Shock teeth suspension> Pneumatic suspension. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these three suspension modifications?
-Short spring-

   As an entry-level suspension modification method, as long as the vehicle replaces the short spring, it can effectively reduce the height of the car body, coupled with the cheaper selling price, it has become the first choice for novice modification suspension.

Although the modified short springs are thicker and shorter than the original ones, it can theoretically reduce the center of gravity of the body, reduce the roll of corners, and improve the maneuverability of the vehicle in corners. The original shock absorber is biased towards a comfortable damping setting. The two have very different positioning, so they are not very stable in coordination. The original shock absorber cannot effectively suppress the compression and rebound of the short spring (that is, the shock travel ), when driving on a bumpy road, there will be an uncomfortable jumping feeling, at the same time the pressure on the shock absorber oil seal increases, and it is easier to aging oil leakage. At this point, there is also the most controversial issue with short springs for a long time: oil leakage and the impact on the service life of the original shock absorber. And because the inclination of the front and rear wheels of most original vehicles is not adjustable, the inclination of the front wheels will increase after the short spring is modified, which will slightly accelerate the wear on the inside of the tire.
Regarding the impact of oil leakage and the original shock absorber life, first of all, whether the modification of the short spring will affect the service life of the original shock absorber, there is currently no quantitative conclusion, but the impact is obviously there. The oil leakage is also due to the fact that the two are not the original. Of course, this is a serious consequence that will only occur in extreme cases, that is, the number of pounds is incorrect and the height of the body is too low. And most riders will not refit short springs for a long time, but after saving enough money, they will change their teeth to absorb shock.Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Suppliers

However, there are still riders who have limited budgets, what can they do if they can only change the short springs? Therefore, you must choose products of well-known brands when buying, because the short springs of these brands will not be reduced too low after modification, and the K value is also It is not too soft or too hard, in fact, it is to make the pressure of the oil seal within a reasonable range, and at the same time, it must meet the control requirements. After all, cars are consumables, and even the original shock absorbers will have the problem of oil leakage life, but this process takes a long time, and the modified parts are generally developed separately, and the investment in testing and research is relatively low, but for For many modified players, it is most important to have an effect while considering the cost performance.
-Shred teeth shock-
Modified short springs can reduce the body, so the twisted teeth shock absorber can also change the vehicle's control while reducing the body. After all, the twisted teeth shock absorber is a complete set, the modified shock absorber has different damping, and the spring is also harder. The combination of the qualifiers improves the support of the shock absorbers qualitatively. And because it is matched, there will be no inconsistency in the stroke of the shock absorber like a short spring.

Of course, twisting teeth is also the easiest way to make selection difficulties. Different brands, various street versions, track versions, adjustable and non-adjustable models, plus different characteristics, are enough to keep you entangled for a long time. The point that needs to be explained here is that some modified shops will recommend owners to modify advanced shock absorbers for profit. This is not to say that advanced shock absorbers are not good, such as Bilstein's B12 (high and low soft and hard are not adjustable), B16 (high and low soft and hard multi-segment (Independently adjustable) The two shock absorbers have a significant price difference, and it is definitely better to say that the B16 shock absorber is better, but the real attraction of the B16 shock absorber is the characteristics of independent adjustment of the high and low soft and hard segments, and if the store is right The adjustment skills of the shock absorbers are not enough, and they can often only play the 1/3 level of this shock absorber. It is not so wasteful. It is better to choose B12 for the entry attempt. One can save money and the other can do it for the second upgrade. Good basic homework.

  After all, you need to go to the elevator every time you adjust the suspension. All kinds of disassembly. Although it is said that the modification needs to have a tossing spirit, I don’t know how to adjust it. Trying to dismantle it once is enough to make you crash. This problem exists on all adjustable suspensions, but some suspension manufacturers will have recommended adjustment data for some models. This can be asked clearly when purchasing.

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