Under what circumstances does the car need to replace the shock absorber?

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Under what circumstances does the car need to replace the shock absorber?

Generally speaking, if the shock absorber has noise, is too hard, too soft, or leaks oil, consider replacing it. However, when you find the above problems, do not judge to replace the shock absorber prematurely. If there is noise, you need to check whether the installation is correct; if it is too hard or too soft, check the spring and the fixed connection of the shock absorber for problems; check whether the cylinder head is leaking. Fasten. If the above problems are eliminated, and if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, the shock absorber should be replaced.

Do you still use the original shock absorber? The effect of shock absorption is related to the design of the car, the car, etc., so it is better to replace the shock absorber or choose the original factory. Although the driving method and driving location are different, the shock absorber should be replaced after driving 20,000 kilometers. Of course, due to the impact of different factors such as carrying capacity, use time, road conditions and driving methods, the shock absorber will also be attenuated to varying degrees.

Does the tire have regular wear? If there are signs of uneven wear on the tire surface, it means that the shock absorber is worn.

Is the shock absorber leaking? General wear and tear will affect the shock absorber's seal. When worn, liquid will leak from the shock absorber.

Is the car touching to the end? When the car is driving through bad roads, railway tracks or other bumps, if the suspension is touching to the end, the shock absorber should be replaced. As a simple test method, you can step on the bumper with your foot and swing the car several times. If the car trembles after releasing your foot from the bumper, you should replace the shock absorber.

Is it possible to replace only one shock absorber? It is best to replace two shock absorbers at a time. If there is a problem with one front or rear shock absorber, it is necessary to replace both the front shock absorber or the rear shock absorber with FAW, because When you replace one, the balance of the car will be uneven, which will cause the shock absorber to receive a different force, and there will be shock absorber problems!

What is the reason for the short-lived automobile shock absorber? The shock absorber oil seal is aging and leaks, the shock absorber dust cover is damaged, and the dust cover is damaged. Rampage through the speed bump...These are the reasons for shortening the life of the shock absorber. What brand of car shock absorber is good? How much does it cost to change a set? No matter how good the quality of the shock absorber from a professional factory is, it can’t be compared with the original one, so it doesn’t matter what brand is. If you want to change it to a better one Replace the original shock absorber, and the shock absorption effect is related to the design of the car, the weight of the car, etc., because different models are produced by different manufacturers, so no matter in terms of workmanship, design, and parameters, They are all different, so even if the same shock absorber is installed on these cars, the effect is different. . As for the price, generally a set of original parts (4 pieces), more than 2K, no-name brand, or even 500 yuan can be dealt with.

Will a broken car shock absorber increase the fuel consumption of the car? The shock absorber can buffer the height of the car’s center of gravity to the greatest extent, save energy, reduce wind resistance, and reduce the impact on the tires caused by the change of the car’s center of gravity. Resistance is significant.

Where does the car's shock absorber affect the entire vehicle if it is not damped? The shock absorber will affect the comfort (the driver and the occupants feel bumpy), handling, and ride comfort. If it is too soft, the brakes will be easy to nod, the tires will not perform well when turning on the ground, and it will be uncomfortable to sit on too hard and will be easily damaged. Poor shock absorption and continued use will cause deformation of the frame and affect braking.

Summary: Shock absorber is a vulnerable accessory during the use of a car. The main purpose is to keep the tires close to the road in order to manipulate the vehicle. The quality of its work will directly affect the smoothness of the car and the life of other parts. If the shock absorber or pillar does not meet the test standards, you will lose the ability to control the road, which is very dangerous. Therefore, car owners and friends should keep the shock absorber in good working condition during the driving of the car, and if it needs to be replaced, replace the new shock absorber in time.

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