The difference between electromagnetic shock absorber and hydraulic shock absorber

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The difference between electromagnetic shock absorber and hydraulic shock absorber

The biggest difference is the shock absorber Scooter Shock Absorbers Manufacturersfluid and the electromagnetic coil.

The viscosity of the decompression fluid in the electromagnetic shock absorber can be adjusted in real time according to the road conditions, while the viscosity of the decompression fluid after the hydraulic shock absorber is packaged cannot be adjusted.

Electromagnetic Absorber is a new type of intelligent independent suspension system that uses electromagnetic response. It uses a variety of sensors to detect road conditions and various driving conditions, and transmits them to the electronic controller ECU, which controls the electromagnetic shock absorber to react instantly, suppress vibrations, and maintain the stability of the body, especially when the vehicle speed is high and obstacles are encountered. Time can show its advantages even more. The response speed of the electromagnetic shock absorber is as high as 1000 Hz, which is 5 times faster than the traditional shock absorber. It completely solves the problem that the comfort and stability of the traditional shock absorber cannot be balanced, and can adapt to changing driving conditions and any road Excitation, even on the most bumpy roads, electromagnetic shock absorbers can ensure the smooth running of motorcycles, which represents the direction of shock absorber development.

The electromagnetic damping system is an optional configuration. Its use can be said to solve the long-standing contradiction between comfort and sportiness. As a continuous adaptive system, it can adjust the damping characteristics within a few milliseconds to make it more suitable for road conditions and driver habits.

The electromagnetic shock absorber uses not ordinary oil, but a special liquid called electromagnetic fluid, which is composed of synthetic hydrocarbons and magnetic particles of 3 to 10 microns in size. Once the control unit sends out a pulse signal, a voltage is generated in the coil to form a magnetic field and change the arrangement of particles. These particles will be arranged in a direction perpendicular to the pressure immediately, hindering the effect of oil flow in the piston channel, thereby increasing the damping coefficient.

Compared with traditional shock absorbers, in comfort mode, the shock absorber oil is thicker and the shock absorption effect is more significant. This mode is suitable for ordinary road driving. In the sport mode, the shock absorber will directly convey the condition of the road surface. These two modes will bring completely different feelings to the driver.

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